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A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar

(This is a double pack cassette nos. 4473 & 4474containing songs, dialogues & background music by Louis Banks)



(This cassette has all the six songs of the film. Cassette No. 4379)




Indira Films

Produced by Gobindo Roy & Shankar Ghosh

Directed by : Victor Banerjee

Lyrics : Swapan Chakravarty & Mukul Dutta

Audio Cassette :

Gathani Records Company


Track Singer(s) Lyricist

Khali Pete

Kishore Kumar

Shakti Thakur

Swapan Chakravarty

Ki Kore Aasbe Din Victor Banerjee Mukul Dutt
Shyam Ghanoshyam Tumi Asha Bhonsle Swapan Chakravarty
Dheere Dheere

Asha Bhonsle

Kakoli Bhattacharya

Swapan Chakravarty

Bolo Bolo

Asha Bhonsle

Shailendra Singh

Swapan Chakravarty

Nesha Nesha Agun Agun Asha Bhonsle Swapan Chakravarty

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