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A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar




Creator Films

Produced by Nimai Sardar

Directed by Deb Sinha

Audio on Gathani Records Co.


Audio Cassette No.4724 paired with non-RD film Amar Prem.

Nerurkar mentions the following songs in the film

Song Singer(s) Lyricist
Cholte Cholte Jaani na Amit Kumar Deb Sinha
Aaj Ratey Tomake Bujhe Nao Bishwajit Roy Deb Sinha
Bangla Aamar Bhalo Aashe Na

Asha Bhonsle & Shailendra Singh

Deb Sinha
Dekho Naach Dekho Asha Bhonsle Pulak Bandhopadhyay
Apart from the above list of songs given by Nerurkar the cassette has 2 more songs
Koyla Kalo Moyla Chhora Asha Bhonsle & Amit Kumar ?
Moner Manush Ekbaaree Kavita Krishnamurti ?

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