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Anyay Abichar




A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar

(the audio of this film has been couples with the soundtrack of Akanto Apon)

Anyay Abichar


Produced by Shakti Films

Lyrics : Gauriprasanna Majumfdar

Audio Cassette :


(Gramaphone Company of India)

33 Jessore Road,

Calcutta 700028

FPHV 842044

Track Singer(s) Lyricist

Chhero na chhero na haath

Kishore Kumar

Sabina Yasmin

Gauriprasanna Majumdar

Dekhle kemon tumi khel

Kishore Kumar and Chorus

Gauriprasanna Majumdar

Mon Majhire Tor Kheyate

Rahul Dev Burman

Gauriprasanna Majumdar

Nagor aamar kaacha pirit

Kishore Kumar

Gauriprasanna Majumdar
Apart from the songs available on the cassette (paired with Akanto Apon), there are three other songs in the movie, which might be available on a different cassette/LP
Rui Kaatla Ilish To Noi Kishore Kumar Gouriparasanna Majumdar
Rui Kaatla Bhebhe Shedin Sabeena Yasmin Gouriparasanna Majumdar
Ore Sujan Naiyya Gouriparasanna Majumdar

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