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Asha Bhosle


Panchami Surey
Sangite Aacho Tumi


A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


While Panchami Surey was a bengali remake (a tribute to RD from Asha) of some of RD's popular songs from hindi films, the other album "Sangite Aachho Tumi was a remake of a remix album. Asha Bhosle joined the remix brigade with Rahul & I, apparently distressed that others, mainly Bally Sagoo, were remixing songs which were originally hers. Sagoo's version of Chura Liya started a Remix era and RD's songs  has been the most popular choices for the remixes. Asha teamed up with Leslie Lewis, the talented son of dance director P.L.Raj, and the double album "Rahul & I" was born. The popularity of the album prompted the remix album "Rahul & I" to be remade in Bengali - and "Sangite Aachho Tumi" was released as a single album.   

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