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Phire Elaam (c)




A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Note : This is a compilation album, not to be confused with the original 1986 Puja album of the same name nor with the remake album of Sudesh Bhonsle & Mita Chatterjee. I've used  (c) to denote the compilation album and (r) to denote the remake album. 

Phire Elaam Album Cover

Phire Elaam (c)

(Hits of Asha Bhonsle)

Music : R.D.Burman

Complilation released in 2000


Gramaphone Company of India

33 Jessore Road

Calcutta 700028.


Cassette No. FPHVS-843545

Track Lyricist
Phire Elaam (with R.D. Burman) Swapan Chakraborty
Khub Chena Chena Swapan Chakraborty
Bashi Shune Ki  Swapan Chakraborty
Kothaa Kothaa Khujechhi Tomay Swapan Chakraborty
Na Deko Na Swapan Chakraborty
Rimi Jhimi Ei Srabone Swapan Chakraborty
Aaj Dole Mon Swapan Chakraborty
Uth Chhuri Tor Biya Legechhe Swapan Chakraborty
Tomaar Je Haater o Maala  Swapan Chakraborty
Chhande Jaatra (Ure Jaabo Aamra) Swapan Chakraborty
Chhande Chhande Gaane Gaane Swapan Chakraborty
Raat Dupure Kothay Jaabay Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Ki Kore Aashi Tomaar Paashay Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Aashbo Aarek Din Gouri Prasanna Majumdar

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