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A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Some key associates of RD......and some external links about them



RD's soul-mate in creativity

Pavan Jha's Gulzar site

Gulzar-RD Songs

Analysed by Ashish Bokil at

Gulzar Remembers Pancham

Transcript & music of Gulzar's Tribute to RD is at Vinay Jain's site



Lata Mangeshkar

RD's "Don Bradman"

The Rediff Tribute on her 70th Birthday

The Singing Sisters Lata & Asha

India Travelog's Write-up

Lata page at Sandeep Khurana's Site


Lata Mangeshkar page at



Salil Chowdhury

The mutual admiration society

Gautam Chowdhury's Site on Salil Chowdhury


Torch-bearers of the Pancham sound

Amit Kumar Sharma's Fansite

The music directors carrying on RD's tradition


Kavita Krishnamurthi

RD's favourite female voice in his last years

Kavita Krishnamurthi's Home Page


Amit Kumar

sangs his best songs under RD

D. Malhotra's Ultimate Page of

Amit Kumar

Song Lists, Lyrics, Audio Clips & Fan Club

Article "Third Innings", Screen :

is at Sandeep Khurana's site under Kishore Kumar

Sanjay Joshi's Fansite


Kumar Sanu

RD used him extensively in his last years - the voice of 1942

Kumar Sanu Home Page



Nasir Hussain

RD gave some of his most popular tunes for his films

Times of India Interview

He talks about his association with RD



Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Played his santoor on many memorable songs of RD




Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Taught RD the Sarod for more than six years


Asha Bhonsle

RD's partner in life and in music 

Asha Bhonsle page

at Sandeep Khurana's site

Times Exclusive on Asha - Cricket & I

Asha mentions RD's passion for sports

Singing Sisters Lata & Asha


Dev Anand & Navketan Films

Kishore Kumar

The voice of RD's music

Vox populi by Nalin Shah

My father Kishore Kumar - by Amit Kumar

Kishore Kumar Page at Sandeep Khurana's Site

Kishore Kumar at

Kishore Kumar Tribute



Raj Kapoor

Heard Ek Din Bik Jayega and declared hit hai ! bottle kholo !




A dear friend who gave RD his initial breaks



Shammi Kapoor

His rooting for RD for Teesri Manzil gave RD his springboard to immortality

Shammi Kapoor Page at Sandeep Khurana's Site



Rajesh Khanna

RD's music was one of the main contributors to his superstardom

Rajesh Khanna Page at Sandeep Khurana's Site



Guru Dutt

Gave RD "Raaz" when RD was only 19.

Guru Dutt Page at




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