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RD Resources


Nerurkar's Book


A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Vinay P. Jain's Pancham Tribute

The flag-ship of all-RD related material on the Internet. Lists of RD's films in alphabetical and chronological order with song-lists, lyricists, recording label, RD's non-film albums. Trivia page, tributes, collection of articles and a page on the album Gulzar Remembers RD with transcript and songs. Among other achievements, this page is the editor's choice at the Netscape Directory listings at


The Pancham Discussion Group

200+ member and growing every day...discussing every aspect of RD and his music


Prakash Jain's Pancham Site

Lots of RD gems to spend time with.


Sujay Jalihal's Pancham Page

Notations for RD songs, Hindi Filmography with song lists, lyricists and singers


Shashi Rao's Pancham Page

Songs and Details of "Pantera"


Subhash Chandra Barthwal's Pancham Site

Great collection of RD songs by Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, KK-LM duets, KK-AB duets and miscellaneous singers, also Romantic songs and title tracks.


Pune fans' Panchammagic.Com


The site put together by the RD fanatics in Pune


Madhav Ajgaonkar's Pancham Tribute

Featuring among other things a great collection of anecdotes about RD.


Home Page of Saikat Chaudhury

Includes links to articles on RDB 


File on Rahul Dev Burman at


*Link not working at the moment*

Navin Kabra's Songs of Rahul Dev Burman

As Music Director and As Singer


Sandeep Khurana's RD Site - Sandy in Rhythm

RD Fact file, Alphabetical and Chronological Filmography and sections on Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lata Mangeshkar, Md. Rafi, Gulzar and Amit Kumar


Pranav Jhumkawala's Chords of RD Songs

Chords for 20+ songs of RD with analysis


Ashish Bokil's Page on Pancham-Gulzar Songs


Rec.Music.Indian.Misc Newgroup Archives

Articles include chronological index of films with audio rights


Somendra Rawat's Rahul Dev Burman Songs

A great collection of RD songs in Real Audio, regularly updated


Internet Movie Database search on Rahul Dev Burman


Rahul Dev Burman Page at


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