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Indrani Sen




A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Sure Sure Jaal Bona

(Indrani Sen)

Puja 1993

Concord Records

Music Arranged by Amit Banerjee

Recording Engineer : Samir Das

at Audio Center, Calcutta


Audio Cassette :

Concord Records

18 Suren Tagore Road

Calcutta 700019


Track Lyricist Other Details
Gun Gun Gun Gunjare Shyamal Sengupta
Ae Mor Chalar Pathe Purnendu Ray Hindi : Is Mor Pe Jaate (Aandhi)
Dheere Dheere Din Gona Shyamal Sengupta
Shei To Aache Thikana Sanjay Chakraborty Hindi : Beeti Na Bitai Raina (Parichay)
Phaguner Chhowate Shyamal Sengupta Hindi : Baagon Mein (Shubhkaama)
Ki Chokhe Dekhechhi Tomay Sanjay Chakraborty Hindi : Humen Tumse Pyar Kitna (Kudrat)
Ke Tumi Daakle Aamar Shyamal Sengupta
Smritir Oparey Sanjay Chakraborty Hindi : Saagar Kinare (Saagar)


Rahul Dev Burman's last puja album in Bangla for HMV was Ga Pa Ga Re Sa in 1990, which sadly didn't do well enough, even though the songs in that album were magnificent. After a three year gap, Biswanath Chatterjee of Concord Records contacted RD for a puja album with Usha Uthup (Preme Pore Jai). 

Indrani had already been remaking RD's songs in Bangla for her puja albums. Her Puja album of 1991 released by Concord Records had remakes of some RD numbers. Probably her 1993 puja album was planned along the same lines. 

With RD joining the concord team for Usha's album (which had all previously unreleased tunes), it was suggested that he add a few original numbers to the Indrani album as well, so that this album gets released as an original puja album rather than a remake album.

So, while some songs are absolute remakes of old Pancham hits (like Beeti Na Beetai Raina (Parichay), Humen Tumse Pyar Kitna (Kudrat), a few songs are absolutely new. 

Following RD's death in January 1994, this album was re-released - incorporating clips of RD singing some songs in his own way.  

Indrani Sen, in her other releases, recorded many RD tunes with the same arranger, Amit Banerjee. The ones I have come across are listed on her page in the 'Remakes' section of this site.


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