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Swet Patharer Thala




A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Swet Pathorer Thala


Producer : Shankar Gope (Gope Movies)

Directed by Prabhat Ray


Audio Cassette :

Sagarika Acoustronics Pvt. Ltd.

Distributed by Music India Ltd.

Sterling Centre

Dr. A. B. Road.


Bombay 400018

# ECO 13014

Track Singer(s) Lyricist
Je Prodeep Jwalchho Tumi Lata Mangeshkar Mukul Dutta
Mon Janbe Jante Jante Asha Bhonsle Mukul Dutta
O Dada Go Asha Bhonsle Mukul Dutta
Mon Theke Mone Ki Kore Je Jaabo

Amit Kumar

Swapna Mukherjee

Mukul Dutta
Kanamachi Bho Bho Lata Mangeshkar Mukul Dutta
Apart from the songs available on the album, two Rabindra-Sangeets were used in the movie - "Bhalobashi bhalobashi" and "Aamar praner pore chole gelo ke"

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