A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Credits & Acknowledgements

This site is not the work of any one person. Many have contributed knowingly or unknowingly to this project. This site, intended to be just a site focusing on Rahul Dev Burman's Bangla work, has ended up having a hell of a lot of other material. Any suggestion, correction or contribution to the material on the site will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

My sincerest gratitude to :


Rashesh Shah & Viswas Nerurkar

...for commissioning and compiling the greatest book ever - the bible to the Pancham fanatic.

bulletSaurav Chakravarty 

...Saurav C as we call him in the Pancham Yahoogroup, who dumped his RD Bangla collection at my house and preferred to live on food & fresh air instead.

... & for every type of support short of help. :-)

bulletSourav Majumdar :

...(Sourav M in the Yahoogroup) for his thorough knowledge of RDB's bangla works and his contacts

bulletVinay P. Jain

...for his help in all matters relating to web-site designing and hosting

...for his fascinating web-site which was a source of inspiration and material

...for egging me on

bulletShashi Rao :

..who can read only three words in Bangla script "Rahul Dev Burman" - but knows all the details of RDB's Bengali work like the back of his hand.

... for arranging the Nerurkar book for me & for Saurav C, without which you would have encountered blank pages on this site.

... for knowing Nerurkar's book inside out & sideways as well. "Shacyclopedia"...that's the name I've coined for him.

bulletAmit Mitra, Subhodeep Gupta and Anindya Roy Chaudhuri:

...for their lists & inputs which were of immense help

bulletAll My fellow RD fans of the Pancham Yahoogroup.

...all 200+ of them, who have contributed in ways more than they know. This site is a tribute to the passion we share and the bond we have amongst us.

bulletAll those whom I've inadvertently left out.

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