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A Tribute by 
Nilangshu Haldar


Audio on this site coming soon : here are some external links you can visit to spend time with  RD's music


bulletPrakash Jain's Page of RD Songs


bulletKishore Kumar Tribute Site
bulletAro Kacha Kachi (Troyee)
bulletShey To Elo Na
bulletOther RD songs


bulletSubhash Chandra Barthwal's RD Site
bulletSongs sorted by singers
bulletKishore Kumar
bulletLata Mangeshkar
bulletAsha Bhonsle
bulletKishore Asha Duets
bulletKishore Lata Duets
bulletRomantic Songs
bulletSad Songs
bulletTitle Tracks


bulletSomendra Rawat's Rahul Dev Burman Site
bulletgreat collection of songs sorted on movies


bulletSanjay Joshi's Amit Kumar Site
bulletthe audio section has many songs composed by RD.

bulletPrince Khanna's Magic of R.D. Burman Site
bulletreal audio

bulletKishore Kumar Tribute
bulletmemorable songs on MP3


bulletVinay Jain's Rahul Dev Burman site
bulletGulzar remembers Pancham - the audio
bulletBengali Channel, songs on request


bulletShashi Rao's Homepage
bulletSongs of "Pantera"




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